The Angry Cat Family

Here at 2 Angry cats, it's not all lounging and cat nip. No, its hard work and dedication! OK, yes, there is some lounging and some beer drinking when we are waiting for the veggies to grill. Our sauces aren't salsa, but they aren't your typical hot sauces either. We created a Chunky Hot Sauce. Enjoy the texture you'd get from Salsa and the heat you'd get from Hot Sauce. Give you a little something to chew on. We are also a Veteran owned business that takes pride in our service members.
We wanted to make something that tasted good but still had that bite! We aim to bring natural ingredients sourced from local farmers markets. Local sauce made from local ingredients, taste the PNW
Meet Eeyore! the youngest of the cat family. He is the instigator of all the cat fights. Enjoys laying in the sun and exploring the neighborhood. He's also the loudest.
Here's Nala, the old lady of the duo. Enjoys laying in the dirt and then bringing her muddy foot prints all over the house. Will eat her food, Eeyore's food, and our food.