It's Been A Fun Four Years!

Enjoy the Flavor. Ride the Heat.

2 angry cats hot sauces

Enjoy the Flavor, Ride the Heat!

Enjoy the Flavor. Ride the Heat.


"The hot sauces that I purchased are delicious" -Aimee C.
"Great flavors in all sauces. And the Grimm's delight has just right amount of heat to sweet ratio. Thanks for making a great sauce that I can use in various ways." - Robert M.



The Pacific Northwest has no shortage of artisanal craftsmanship...

whether it be craft cocktails, local breweries, or unique clothing found at flea markets. We drew inspiration from this and decided to imbue this same energy into our craft.

When we started out we knew it would be a long road to finding the perfect recipe. We didn’t want to make something that had already been done. 

We were searching for a new flavor, a new spice, a new experience! 

In our attempts to make this vision come true we tested over 40 different formulas before we had a product that we knew would be a game changer, and finally, we are proud to introduce…

We blended the best aspects of salsa and hot sauce...

"Our new favorite hot sauce. We are going to share it with our family!" - Ronald M.

"Cool people with DELISH hot sauces, something for everyone." - Michael J.

"I bought them because you can taste everything in them and not just the heat like a lot of other hot sauces"
- Tracy C


Available until October but with the growing popularity of 2 Angry Cats, they may sell out before then!

Grimm’s Delight- feel the battle between sweet and spicy take place on your tongue. The infamous Carolina Reaper will set flame to your tongue while the sweetness of strawberries rush in to fight off the burn! Pour some on a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the perfect spice-addict desert!

Peping Sauce- If you want versatility, you will find no better sauce than the Peping Sauce. We’ve heard of people adding the Peping sauce to guacamole, cocktails, and various dishes. The well loved flavors of mango and habanero make this sauce a quick and easy flavor enhancer to any recipe. 

Whether you want a sauce that sets your tongue ablaze yet leaves your mouth watering for more,

Or you want the tangy zest of grilled seasoned vegetables to coat your meal.

2 Angry Cats is designed to complete your meal
Not make up for what it's lacking.